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Nifty Entertainment is a small press publisher and, as such, publishes a limited number of titles each year. This enables us to give the most attention to every piece of work we produce and guarantees our ability to get it out to the largest number of readers possible. What this means for potential authors is that we are very selective in who and what we release. Nifty Entertainment gets a lot of submissions from authors and book agents every week and it takes quite a bit to get our attention and interest.

Still with us? Good. Nifty Entertainment is a publisher of genre fiction — science fiction, fantasy, some horror, action & adventure, and all of the sub-genres that fall within those boundaries. Steampunk? Yup! Cyberpunk? Yup! Romance? No. If you’re unsure of whether or not your work fits under our umbrella? Just take a look at what we’ve published in the past and use that as a guideline to the sort of material Nifty Entertainment is most likely to publish.

Payment rates: Nifty Entertainment is a royalty-based publisher. Specific terms are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with authors.

Preferred length: Nifty Entertainment is mainly interested in full-length novels at this point. 70,000 – 130,000 words Generally we are uncomfortable with manuscripts under 70,000 words, but if your novel is really wonderful send it along regardless of length. We’re not currently looking for short story collections or anthologies by multiple authors, but that may change down the road.

Submission procedures: Query letters are not necessary. We prefer to see complete manuscripts accompanied by a synopsis. We prefer not to see simultaneous submissions.

Electronic Submissions: Electronic submissions only. Attach the manuscript as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file. Any other format will not be considered. Send the manuscript as a single file (do not break it into separate chapter files). Submissions should be sent to matnastos (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your submission must include your name, email address*, postal mailing address, and telephone number on both your cover letter and the first page of the manuscript. *[If you have an alternate permanent email address, please include it, in case your primary account goes out of service.]

Spelling and grammar checkers are tools, nothing more. Do not trust them to proofread your manuscript for you.

Minimal formatting, please. Do not format text boxes or sidebars into the manuscript; use block quotes. Indent paragraphs; center chapter headers and scene break indicators (###, ***, etc.); use page breaks only at the end of chapters. For emphasis, choose either underline or italics and use it consistently throughout. Try to avoid bold face, as it tends not to show up.

Do not use “smart quotes”/curly quotes or single character elipses, mdashes, etc. Use straight quotes and apostrophes, . . ., –, etc.

Avoid non-standard fonts, and unnecessary changes in font face, size, etc. Make it readable, or we won’t read it. If something needs special formatting—e.g., small caps for a certain entity’s dialog—explain it in a cover letter.

NOTE: Any viruses attached to your submission will send your manuscript straight into the bit-bucket.

Artists, Editors, Designers, Proofreaders, and Beta Readers: Nifty Entertainment is always looking for new blood to join our team. If you’re an artist interested in doing cover work, feel free to email links to your portfolio (no attachments – emails with attachments will be sent directly to the circular without being opened) to matnastos (at) gmail (dot) com. The same goes to those of you who fall into the realm of editing, designing or proofreading. Send a query letter with your resume and we’ll follow up with qualified candidates. Oh, and we’re always looking for Beta Readers who enjoy giving feedback on pre-released books.

Thank you for thinking of Nifty Entertainment.

The Publisher

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