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The Cestus Contract 16-Bit Trailer

Posted on 01 October 2013 by Mat Nastos

In honor of the November release of our next novel, The Cestus Contract, we wanted to show off the trailer we had put together for it back in March 2013 when Mat Nastos was still in the very early stages of writing it. The thinking behind this book trailer was that we’d seen a lot of book trailers — a lot of really bad or pointless ones for the most part — and we wanted to do one for the Weir Codex books. However, we didn’t want to do what other authors/publishers had been doing with trailers. No static clip art images, no video of the author, or poorly acted renditions of scenes. That stuff all leaves me cold.

What we decided upon was to do a recreation of one of the scenes from The Cestus Contract as a level of an old-school side-scroller video game. Like something you’d have played from NeoGeo, CapCom or Konami back in the late 80s or early 90s.

So, sit back and enjoy this 16-bit animated look at a scene from chapter 6 of The Cestus Contract.

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